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Thank you to our donors for supporting FirstHand Theatrical.

Any contribution above the value of the goods and services received by the donor is

tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.


To make a donation to support our work, visit

Borscht Level (up to $249)

Yelena Adanin

Felix Aisen

Anonymous (4)

Arlene Appelbaum

Alice Bodner

Ellen Braznichenko

Marina Brodsky

Lydia Cutler

Irina Dragounskaia

Inna Dubinsky

Dave and Kathy Feldman

Ilya Gelman

Yefim Gelman

Michael and Paula Goldberg

Ed Greene

Todd Hensley and Lizanne Wilson

Terry Kelleher 

Jaime Martinez

Larisa Mats

Robert and Esther Manewith

Allen D. and Joan Olson

Shira L. Olson

Victoria Pulik

Ludmila Sapozhnikova

Deanna Shoss

Ann Silverberg 

Stella Smoliak

Robert and Zelda Sparks

Nelly Zaslavsky

Elena Zaydlin


Donors to Previous Productions

Eleanor and Rev. Jonathan Ralston Almond

Davida Alperin

Anonymous (2)

Robert Bertsche

Duffy Epstein                                                Michael and Paula Goldberg

Ed Greene

Richard Keitel

Terry Kelleher and Ann Silverberg

Linda and Eugene Litherland

Karen Millar

Allen D. and Joan Olson

Circe Olson Woessner

Daniel Olson

Kevin and Amy Olson

Rosemary Olson

Shira Olson

Stephen Peabody

Carolyn Patierno

Bert Silverberg

Dorothy Vanderwerf

Donors in support of

How Many Bushels Am I Worth? 

Providence and Brooklyn 2020


Matzah Ball Soup Level (1,000 and up)

Gary and Emily Matz

Kevin and Amy Olson

Polina, Patrick, Micah and Rafi Schultz

Bena Shklyanoy

Shmunis Family Foundation

Egg Cream Level ($200-$999)

Dr. Herbert Rakatansky and Barbara Sokoloff


Rugelach Level (up to $199)


Inna Barakh

Natalie Blackman and Aaron Sparks

Jonathan Gallego

Abbie Matz

Dr. Allen and Joan Olson

Connie Payne

Michael Rosenfield

Bert Silverberg

Robert and Zelda Sparks

Henry and Arlene Winkleman

Donors in Support of Chicago 2018

The Apple Does Not Fall:

Journeys of A Russian-Jewish Family

Brisket Level ($5,000 and up)

Shmunis Family Foundation


Blintz Level ($2,500-$4,999)

Chicago Surgical Clinic &

   Associated Surgical Center, Dr. Yelena Levitin

LifeCare Home Health & In-Home Services

Make-Your-Movie Inc.

Babka Level ($1,000-$2,499)

Alex and Irene Kats

Gary and Emily Matz

Kevin and Amy Olson

Bialy Level ($500-$999)

Oleg Movchan and Beata Vaynberg
Charlotte Adelman and Bernard Schwartz

Polina, Patrick, Micah & Rafi Schultz

Bagel Level ($250-$499)

Barry and Del Kricheff

Ruth Lynfield and Michael Sethna

Steven and Natalie Matz

Alexander and Alla Pasman

Polina Reisman

And Then What? Providence


Post Card for Lifepoems in Motion 


Projection from This is My Story: Mayses 1938-1948

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